th[8]As active shooter events continue to occur (e.g. Fort Hood’s second event in four years) it is important that school security doesn’t wind down as the school year comes to a close. Global Innovations Coterie encourages schools to continue implementation of safety solutions by offering School Safe at a discount of $1.00 each in April and May.

Lockdown drills and events are becoming routine, and Schools are always searching for safety alternatives. School Safe was conceived with four goals in mind: 1) Simple to Order, 2) Simple to Install, 3) Simple to Use, and 4) Simply Affordable. The most  important goal remains to provide added safety for students and staff during lockdowns. School Safe is the simple solution everyone is looking for.

You can easily order online, by email (, or by calling Deby at 360-918-4035. Take advantage of this special limited offer, and please spread the word to other schools in your area.