“School Safe” The Simple Lockdown Solution

In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, Becky Virgalla, a reading consultant at Sandy Hook, had some advice for teachers and parents, “. . . make sure that your doors lock from the inside.  Ours did not and teachers had to go out.  You can’t be out in the hall when a shooter is present in your school.  Just that simple thing could make a difference in time and safety of the children”.

School safe is the simple solution to being able to lock any classroom door from inside the classroom.  With School Safe there is no need to search for keys, and no need to go outside the classroom.  With one pull of the School Safe lever, the door is instantly locked.

Priced at only $10.95 each, it is extremely affordable and works in conjunction with existing locking hardware.  There is no need to replace any locks or add special locks. Additionally, School Safe installs in minutes with no special tools required.  Just peel and stick using the Ultra High Bond double backed tape.  There is a School Safe configured to fit each of the four different possible door swings.

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