“School Safe” The Simple Lockdown Solution

In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, Becky Virgalla, a reading consultant at Sandy Hook, had some advice for teachers and parents, “. . . make sure that your doors lock from the inside.  Ours did not and teachers had to go out.  You can’t be out in the hall when a shooter is present in your school.  Just that simple thing could make a difference in time and safety of the children”.

New Products

School Safe Double Doors (SSDD) is a new anti-latch device designed for double doors that open out and that do not have a center mullion.  As with regular School Safe, SSDD installs in minutes with no tools required.  To order School Safe Double Door, go to the ‘Products’ page.

School Safe Security Film (SSSF) installs on the door glass and allows the room to be viewed from the hallway when the lights in the room are on, but becomes reflective, like a mirror, on the hallway side of the door when the lights in the room are turned off. This eliminates the need for the teacher to cover the door window.  Locking down the classroom in seconds becomes as simple as 1, 2, 3 . . .

  1. Switch School Safe to the Lockdown position.
  2. Switch the lights off
  3. Direct the students to the safe area of the classroom

School Safe Security Film comes pre-cut to fit many standard door window sizes, or can be custom cut to your specifications. It can easily be installed by your maintenance staff using our SSSF Installation Kit.  To order School Safe Security Film, go to the ‘Products’ page.

The School ALERT (Active Lockdown and Emergency Response Technology) System is a cloud based software solution that empowers school staff by allowing them to initiate a school lockdown from any authorized and configured smart phone, tablet, or desktop PC.  This significantly reduces the amount of time between the recognition of a threat and the initiation of a school lockdown.

The School ALERT system integrates with existing electronic door locks and surveillance cameras, allows school staff to check in with location and student counts when safe, and allows school administrators and law enforcement to provide instructions to staff during a lockdown.

For more information about any of our new products contact your School Safe representative at 360-918-4035 or email her at gloinnco@att.net

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